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Reflective ConceptSystem 77 windows of the Estoril Sol Residence complex in Cascais, Portugal.
15 Mar 2022

Aluminium design, endless possibilities

Each project has its own unique style. Contemporary or classic, subtle or impressive: the aluminium design possibilities are endless. We help you navigate our vast range of products by highlighting some of its most frequently used design variants.

The sleek and slender profiles of aluminium doors, windows and sliding doors offer unlimited architectural freedom, especially when you have a minimalist or industrial look in mind. To meet all architectural needs, Reynaers Aluminium provide a huge amount of design variants and options.

Aluminium design variants

First we have a look at the most common design variants. These systems quite significantly differ from their base product type, and therefore are considered standalone product variants.

  • Functional and Cubic – Our standard and most sold, clean and minimalistic look. Easily complements any architectural style.
  • Classic and Ferro – Aluminium with a sleek steel look. Perfect for “true to the original” renovation projects, but also contemporary new-builds.
  • Renaissance, Deco and Softline – Detailing which mimics the warm appearance of traditional wooden windows. These styles have intricate edge designs: in multiple steps, with a sharp chamfer, or smoothly rounded.
  • Hidden vent – The cleanest finish of any opening vent, with the appearance of a fixed window. Refined yet subtle, hidden vent windows create perfect symmetry and consistency throughout a façade’s appearance.

Other unique variants include high-insulation windows and doors, which provide the perfect solution for low-energy builds. Or discover one of the many opening options for vents of different sizes, such as insulated panel doors and single and double balcony doors. Ultimate creative freedom and unrivalled performance guaranteed.

Interior view of Regency Place, a Birmingham apartment featuring SlimLine 68 windows.

Endless design options

Reynaers Aluminium also offers a multitude of design options. These smaller features can be added to any standard system to change its functionality and/or enhance their appearance.

Concealed hardware and drainage

To clean up your elements even further, we can hide hardware such as hinges and motors inside the aluminium profiles. Most systems feature drainage caps visible on the outside of the windows, but they can be hidden with the help of another draining principle.

Low and zero-threshold

For increased comfort and improved aesthetics, choose doors, sliding or folding systems with a lowered or completely integrated threshold. This creates easy access for wheelchairs, for instance. The low or zero-threshold solution means more opportunity for light to enter, and a cleaner overall look when the doors are in use.

Slim chicane

In most cases, sliding systems require larger profiles for strength and stability. But if you try to bring in more daylight and avoid obstruction of your view, sleek and slim profiles are the way to go. We offer the option to minimise the aluminium width in the most visible spot: in the middle of your elements.

Detail of low threshold solution in private home in Meise, Belgium.

Choosing Reynaers Aluminium profiles for windows, doors and sliding systems means embracing a beautiful visual and functional design. Comfort, security, architectural aesthetics, energy efficiency... aluminium has it all. Consult our product pages to find out which variants are available for each aluminium system.

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