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Billets of aluminium
15 Mar 2022

Aluminium and its environmental impact

Limiting the environmental impact of your main materials is a core responsibility of any company. That is why Reynaers Aluminium focuses on sustainability, during the production process as well as during the life cycle of our aluminium solutions.

Reducing our environmental impacts starts at the material level. To obtain pure aluminium, aluminium oxide is melted during an electrolytic process - the Hall-Héroult process. By using green energy from hydropower plants, we reduce our carbon footprint to four kilograms of carbon dioxide per kilogram of aluminium. That is about half of the European average! The result is what we call low-carbon primary aluminium.

Next to an energy-efficient production process, aluminium products are known for their long lifecycle and unlimited recyclability. In fact, aluminium can be repurposed an infinite amount of times without loss of quality. It makes the need for electricity during the initial production process a one-off investment.

Aluminium is a durable material, 100% recyclable and highly energy-efficient.

Durable and energy-efficient solutions

Aluminium is not affected by UV rays or moisture and does not corrode or rot. That is why Reynaers Aluminium sliding systems, curtain walls, windows and doors have an average life cycle of over 40 years. During these long life cycles, our durable solutions improve the quality of work and life of all residents in your home. For example, our aluminium profiles provide a high level of air tightness and thermal insulation. That way heat loss is limited, and new and existing buildings become significantly more energy-efficient.


Also, thanks to their high stability, aluminium frames can carry even the largest and heaviest glass panes. You enjoy an abundance of warmth and natural daylight, while your heating and electricity bill significantly drops. Avoid even more costs – and lower your environmental impact in the process – as our aluminium solutions are low in maintenance and easy to clean.


For sure, your aluminium windows and doors are a sustainable and responsible choice. Thanks to their long life cycle, excellent thermal insulation, and easy maintenance, you save both time and money. And at Reynaers Aluminium, we continue to invest in energy-efficient, recyclable and durable solutions to make your future and ours a little bit greener, every day.


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