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  • CW 60-HI
  • Hotel Altapura located in Val Thorens, France
  • Hotel Altapura located in Val Thorens, France

Hotel Altapura

Val Thorens - France

Ski hotel with style

Val Thorens (FR) — Val Thorens, located in the French Alps, is the highest ski resort in Europe. Hotel Altapura, completed in 2011 compliments the mountain scenery while adhering to the local style. The architects of Studio Arch refined the ‘building blocks’ of architecture characteristic to this region with staggered façades, adapting it to today’s standards. The result is a striking building with all the modern conveniences, including indoor climate control. Three curtain walls give the façade a harmonic, playful appearance. They are constructed with Reynaers CW 60 Solar system, an integrated photovoltaic curtain wall system that produces energy through the conversion of sunlight - and even artificial light - into electricity. This system features fixing and facing strips specially designed to maximise light entry and minimise shadows on the PV panels. The façades are made of glass and integrated solar panels and reflect the beautiful countryside of Val Thorens. In combination with the luxurious interior, the result is a unique hotel with great appeal that will serve the region well.

Involved stakeholders


  • Serag Aluminium


  • Laurent Brandajs