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Automated locking systems for doors

Managing access to your home has never been easier. Our automated locking systems for doors are available with a range of access control systems, such as fingerprint scanners, keypads, remote controls and a smart home app.

Automated sliding doors

We know that when it comes to enjoying life to the fullest, every little bit matters. That is why we developed a number of smart solutions that allow you to open your sliding doors at the push of a button - for quick and easy access to your garden, patio and more.

Access control solutions

  • Keypad
  • Push button
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Home automation app


Never to worry about your keys again. The ekey integra keypad code pad offers up to 99 different four- to eight-digit programmable number sequences, meaning that each user in the building gets their own access code. If a user is no longer permitted access to the building, their code can be deleted in seconds.

Push button

Never you need to open your sliding door manually. Just push the button and it will open automatically.

Fingerprint scanner

With our smart fingerprint scanners, you can securely unlock your door with the touch of a finger. The perfect way for every member of your family to let themselves in quickly and easily. The fingerprint scanner identifies them and lets you know who entered your house.

Home automation app

All our Reynaers’ smart building products can be integrated with your own smart home system. You want your electronic lock be connected to your alarm system, it’s all possible.