Solar Decathlon 2014: Reynaers supports projects


Solar Decathlon is an international competition, founded in 2002 by the American Department of Energy (DoE). During this competition, taking place in Versailles (France), universities and colleges around the world face the challenge of designing, building and implementing energy efficient homes powered by solar energy. 20 Projects from 16 countries on 3 continents are transported and built in the City of the Sun. Reynaers Aluminium contributes to this initiative by providing sponsorship for two of the competing teams.

Project Liv-Lib' - Team Paris

Inspired by systems of Velib and Autolib, installed in recent years in the French capital, Team Paris plans to build a residential complex composed out of two entities: a multifuntional hub owned and operated by the city and a mobile private home. The hub is a tower that provides electricity, heat and ventilation. It also regulates the waste and water management of the individual housing capsules. These capsules are connected to the hub and are thus supplied by the shared resources in the main tower.

This concept of LivLib promotes the use of green technologies and especially makes them accessible to a larger public, because of the lower costs that flow from infrastructure sharing. The slogan "Free to live, free to go" stands for this plug-in housing concept that enhances the mobility of people, providing a fast and efficient solution to relocate their houses.

project symbcityhouse - plateau team sde '14 (spain)

The project SymbCity House aims at solving an urgent urban challenge: the full energetic rehabilitation of the outdated Spanish housing estate. These old, inefficient buildings are a main responsible of the pullution and energy waste in Spain. A new self-sufficient house will cooperate with old buildings to reach the contemporary sustainability goals and become an affordable and socially sensitive alternative for the building industry.


Following a standardized pattern, Plateau Team generates 3 main areas of the house:

  1. Bedroom and house living core for daily activities like resting and eating
  2. Technical block containing home facilities, bathroom and kitchen
  3. Multifunctional room working as a patio or greenhouse following the change of seasons


The mechanical systems are designed to enhance energy saving. An air heat recovery system reduces heating consumption, and the inside temperature is self-regulated thanks to the PCM technology embedded in the walls.

Visit the participant's websites for more detailed information.




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