Painted Feather

Painted Feather

Richard Luke Architects

Defined by Modern Lines, Large Glass Doors, Translucent Window Walls & Panoramic Views.

Rising from the desert sands in an exclusive enclave within Las Vegas, NV, the Painted Feather residence is a 9600 sqft. estate that redefines the essence of the modern home.

The architectural design focuses on maximizing views of the adjacent golf course, surrounding landscape and the Las Vegas strip seen in the distance. Large operable windows, fixed window walls, swing doors and sliding elements incorporated throughout the dwelling capture the stunning panoramic vistas.

The hallway of glass outlined by the frames of the CS 77 windows and CP 155-LS sliding door visual connects the front courtyard to the interior while extending the entrance of the home to the adjacent main gate.

A commanding CS 77 pivot door makes an unforgettable first impression as the main entry door into the interior of the house.

Exquisite stone tile work throughout the ground level of the home connects the interior living space to the exterior environment. This is visualized through the large walls of CS 77 windows and numerous CP 155-LS sliding doors that physically join the adjacent interior spaces to the backyard.

Large walls of CS 77 windows and numerous CP 155-LS sliding doors join the interior spaces to the backyard.

“Reynaers windows and doors transformed our design vision into a reality with the products ability to hold some of the largest panes of glass in the market. The European heritage and commercial quality is clearly evident within the finished product.”Homeowner
CS 77 Doors, CP 155 (-LS) Sliding Systems and CS 77 Windows - House Painted Feather located in United States of America

“Utilizing other window solutions would have resulted in more windows with broken up sightlines and interrupted views. Reynaers truly embodies the modern look we were seeking to achieve with the design of our home.”

Richard Luke Architects
United States of America